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Super-Charged Learning
How Wacky Thinking and Sports Psychology Make It Happen

Published by: Rowman & Littlefield Education
( Lanham Boulder New York Toronto Plymouth, UK )

Parents of school-aged children, university students, and anyone wanting to learn more powerfully .  .  . and remember what you’ve learned!

Foreword by Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, Sr.,M.D.

From the time of his first book, Gifted Hands (1990), to his current One Nation (2014), Dr. Benjamin Carson has been a force in the field of medicine.  With the help of his team of seventy medical professionals, he gained worldwide fame in 1987 by performing the first successful separation of Siamese twins, conjoined at the back of the head.  Both babies lived!  

In 1994, Dr. Carson established his Carson Scholars Fund, one part of which is the Ben Carson Reading Project.  “The purpose of the project is to create a literacy enriched environment for children to develop their reading skills.”(from the Carson Scholars Fund website)  Since the first Reading Room was established in a school in 2000, the number has grown to 155 such places in 15 states.

Dr. Carson’s ongoing interest in education,and his desire to see innovative strategies employed, resulted in his writing the Foreword for Dr. Giordano’s Super-Charged Learning.


Excerpt:  “There is a great deal of humor in these pages but its purpose is to focus on the enormous potential innate in each of our young people and how to develop it.  Many of the lessons that are taught in this book are lessons that I learned the hard way.”

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Super-Charged Learning. How Wacky Thinking and Sports Psychology Make It Happen.