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Former High School Principal Richard J. Giordano, Ed.D Shares His Fun, Standard-Defying Strategies
for Boosting Learning and Memory Power in


Featuring a Foreword by Dr. Benjamin Carson and a Chapter Devoted to
Overcoming the Stigma against Academic Excellence among Young Black Students

A recent study of the math, reading and science skills of 15 year-olds by Programme International for Student Assesment (PISA) found that American students ranked 25th in the industrialized world, trailing China, Singapore, and Japan. American students are falling behind. What are the tangible ways that parents can help their kids excel in the classroom and give them an advantage at learning in school and in life regardless of how teachers teach?

Improving how kids learn is easy, assures Richard J. Giordano, Ed.D., who worked in public education for 20 years, as a middle school teacher and a high school principal. Even better, it’s fun—and can benefit parents (and grandparents) too! In Super-Charged Learning: How Wacky Thinking and Sports Psychology Make It Happen (Rowan & Littlefield; February 2015; $60.00 Hardcover; $20.00 Paperback
978-1-4758-1521-4 E-book: 978-1-4758-1309-8), Giordano shares his unique strategies for becoming a whiz
at learning and remembering new information. As he makes clear, supported by research, experts, and examples galore, learning really can be as simple as using your senses! “By nature, we are all emotional, physical, and visual beings,” Giordano observes. “The trick is choosing to apply these human (genomic) traits to the things we want to learn.”

As Richard J. Giordano, Ed.D is raring to talk about, Super-Charged Learning shows:

·    How Making Up Crap—silly and goofy stuff—works like a charm to strengthen sensory associations and make learning and recalling new stuff a snap;

·    How to tap into the atomic learning power of Synergistic Thinking and the techniques competitive athletes use to psych themselves up for winning;

·    How Athlete-Powered Learning can make it cool for all students, boys and girls, to take learning seriously and put a stop to the practice in the black community of charging young black students who care about academic achievement as much as or more than sports with “Acting White”...and much more.

Super-Charged Learning is poised to start a leaning revolution! To explore Richard J. Giordano’s availability for interviews, please call us at 212-260-7576 or email

“Teaching children to use their massive intellectual capacity rather than being victims [of the environment] is perhaps the most important thing parents can do. That is the focus of this book...Even if you don’t have young people under your tutelage, learning some of the techniques for improving memory and mental skills can be useful to all of us. Enjoy the adventure you are embarking on with this unique tool of development.”
From the Foreword by Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D.,
Emeritus Professor of Neurosurgery, Oncology, Plastic Surgery, and Pediatrics

Amazingly Simple (and Fun!) Strategies for Parents to Teach their Children How to “Learn Smart…and for Anyone Wanting to Improve Learning in Everyday Life

How Wacky Thinking and Sports Psychology Make It Happen

Richard J. Giordano, Ed.D

It’s a common frustration among students, from middle school to grad school, who spend hours studying but draw blanks when it’s test time. It’s also a frequent source of anxiety on the job and in the senior ranks of retirement. Why does learning and remembering important information have to be such hard work?

It doesn’t! In SUPER-CHARGED LEARNING: How Wacky Thinking and Sports
Psychology Make It Happen (Rowan & Littlefield; February 2015; $60.00 Hardcover; $20.00
Paperback 978-1-4758-1521-4 E-book: 978-1-4758-1309-8), author Richard J. Giordano, Ed.D offers a crash course in the incredibly painless, easy-to-master learning process he devised during his years as a high school principal and has implemented at corporate and university levels. “It’s a no-brainer strategy,” Giordano attests, “Parents, your children’s IQ scores are  not the issue! The experiences you’ve shared with them (the people-places-things) are what empower their learning. Show them how.”

Backed by extensive research and packed with insights from noted academics and leaders in diverse fields, SUPER-CHARGED LEARNING reveals how learning is basically a matter of using three senses: seeing, touching, and feeling. Regardless of age, education, or perceived mental acumen, anyone can excel at learning and recalling new data, definitions, and concepts by making a conscious choice to fully exploit their natural visual, physical, and emotional talents.

In clear, plain English with a humorous streak, SUPER-CHARGED LEARNING speaks directly to parents striving to help their kids do better in school as well as to struggling students—whether in a traditional or online classroom, vocational or corporate training, or the school of life. Readers will discover—and revel in—the atomic learning power of:

·    Synergistic Thinking, a process of enriching need-to-learn information with visual imagery, physical sensations, and emotions. “ST” effectively turns words into something solid you can hold onto into your memory banks—and grab, quickly and easily, when called to;


·    Making Up Crap, a strategy critical to the “ST” process, with a fun twist on time-tested learning “hooks,” like analogies that you already know. Provocative in a fresh (but not obscene) way, “MUC” is about creating silly, goofy, absurd associations that make complex and boring need-to-learn stuff vivid, visceral, funny or “awwww”-inspiring, and exceptionally memorable;

·    Athlete-Powered Learning, tapping into performance-enhancing mental tactics competitive athletes (and their coaches) rely on—such as force of will, positive attitude, concentration, and taking personal responsibility for results—and applying them to the  academicplaying field.

Throughout, readers will find techniques, tools, practical tips, and engaging examples to make learning bigger quantities of information faster and stronger (with longer duration, that is) a blast rather than a chore. SUPER-CHARGED LEARNING devotes a chapter to how placing a priority on learning the way athletes do has amazing potential to counter destructive peer pressure
against excelling academically among young black students—particularly, the dreaded charge
of “Acting White.”

Trailblazing and convention shattering, SUPER-CHARGED LEARNING is not limited by your season of life. When we are young, we want to become relevant. When we are in our working years, we want to be relevant. When we mature, we want to stay relevant. SUPER-CHARGED LEARNING helps you achieve all three.


Richard J. Giordano, Ed.D began his education on the south side of Chicago, where he was raised, and went on to Michigan State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in physical education and biology. He spent four years teaching at the middle school level and nearly 20 years as a secondary school principal. He developed his Making Up Crap/Synergistic Thinking methodology while working as a high school principal and, after leaving public school education, field-tested variations as a consultant in the corporate arena. Today, he collaborates with university SASS (Student Athlete Support Services) staffs around the country to bring this uniquely effective and enjoyable learning dynamic to high-performing student-athletes.

Title:                            SUPER-CHARGED LEARNING
How Wacky Thinking and Sports Psychology Make It Happen
Author:                         Richard J. Giordano, Ed.D with a Foreword by Benjamin Carson, Sr., M.D. Publisher:                    Rowan & Littlefield
Price/Format:               $20.00 Paperback; $60.00 Hardcover
Publication Date:          February 3, 2015
ISBN:                           978-1-4758-1521-4 E-book: 978-1-4758-1309-8




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Super-Charged Learning. How Wacky Thinking and Sports Psychology Make It Happen.